Job scammers using Buhari’s name arrested in Akwa Ibom

It’s no news that the country Nigeria is presently in a “not too comfortable” economical state and the citizens are in dare need of jobs at least to pay their bills and put something on the table for their families. In the midst of all these, some not well meaning Nigerians are exploiting the current situation of the country to scam people seeking for Jobs. 

On the 30th day of June, 2017 actionable intelligence was received that a group of people were selling forms to unsuspecting members of the public to be recruited as Law Enforcement Officers using the guise of employment.

Therefore, detectives were mobilized to the scene a veranda in a storey building along Atiku Abubakar Way, Uyo where 16 persons (10 males and 6 females) were arrested and the following items were recovered from them: physical cash of N199,800 and two set of forms for Empowerment and Surveillance.

The group operates with the name “Niger Delta Youths, Women and Security Movement for Buhari”. Investigation revealed that, the group’s (membership and surveillance) sold forms were purchased at the rate of six thousand naira (N6,000.00) and N15, 000.00 respectively. 

It was further revealed that the group tricked applicants into believing that those applying for security jobs will be trained by the Nigerian Army and on completion will be posted to the Nigerian Navy, Police Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Department of State Services, for the purpose of pipeline surveillance and protection. 

It was also revealed that the purported recruitment started in 2015 with membership drawn from all the LGAs of the state, with one Felix Obonka from Delta State said to be the mastermind of the group. 

He and his cohorts gulled members into believing that they would become trained artisans and proud owners of shops at the end of the programme. However, the syndicate has not trained nor given shop to any persons since 2015. 

The group is an unregistered organization which perpetrates all sorts of criminality. They are simply using the name of president Buhari to scam and defraud innocent members of the public as none of the members belong to any registered political party.

The 16 suspects will be arraigned in the court. Meanwhile, the leaders of this syndicate have gone into hiding in futile effort to escape justice. They will all be fished out and prosecuted.


Why I returned N60,000 salary to N-Power — Daniel Joshua

Just in the middle of so many fraudulent acts amisdt the Nigerian youths, here comes a man who dare to be different. Me Mr. Daniel Joshua; a Taraba state-born 31-year old, former N-Power graduate employee says his sound Christian moral upbringing compelled him to refund the N60,000 paid into his account, after he quit the scheme in April. 

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Saturday July 1, tweeted and praised Joshua’s rare display of integrity, which he said was worthy of emulation by Nigerian youths. Joshua now works for the Central Bank of Nigeria in Benin. He is from Lissem in Ussa LGA of Taraba state. 

He told the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday that his Christian moral upbringing helped him to do the right thing. “My pastor once told me that whatever weakens the conscience weakens the authority.

And because i have always tried to avoid anything that will weaken my conscience, taking the decision to refund the money was not a problem. Although i didn’t have any money in my account at the time, the orientation from my bosses in my new employment about transparency, integrity and accountability also helped me quickly decide on the right path to take in the matter,’’ he said. 

Joshua, who married in 2015 and now has a child, said some family members and friends tried to persuade him to keep the money. “ But I am happy because both my wife, mother and elder brother, encouraged me to refund the money as soon as i received the alert for the two monhs salary. 

“Yes, there were some friends and family members who persuaded me to keep the money, saying it was my luck,’’ he said. Joshua graduated in Economics from the Modibo Adama University of Technology, Yola.

He said:“It pays to be upright at all times.’’ He advised Nigerians, especially the youths to be upright in their daily dealings and become good ambassadors of the country. 

Joshua was employed under the FG N-Power scheme as a Primary school teacher at Kaduna Lissem primary school, in Taraba, in January. He disengaged from the job after working for three months. 

Although Joshua left the N-Power job at the end of March, he was paid N60,000, being stipends for April and May. He refunded the money to the coffers of the FG.

Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW – Ayo Adesanya. 

Welcome to another Wednesday, a day meant to publicly decare who you are crushing on without the fear of being castigated. So if you have one, today is another opportunity for you to do so. 

Today I’m personally crushing on a veteran Actress who goes by the name Ayo Adesanya. 

And here are few reasons why she’s adorable.

✓ Ayo Adesanya  hails from Ijagun, ijebu in Ogun State. She attended St. Ann school at Ibadan, and  studied Communication Arts at the University of Ibadan.

✓ Ayo is a proud mum of a handsome 13 year-old boy.

✓ The actress appeared on television for the 1st time on Tunji Bamishigbin’s soap opera ‘Palace.’

✓ The ‘Most Wanted’ actress has been in the movie industry for 22 years.

See Funke Akindele’s response to a fan who feels Jenifa should start speaking correct English. 

Funke Akindele’s”Jenifa’s diary” got a massive embrace in the movie world since the days of “Jenifa” the movie itself. While a lot of people like the movie, a couple of others think it’s becoming stereotypic and a fan took to his Twitter page to voice his opinion, which got Funke’s attention and gave a due reponse.

Check their tweets in the screenshot below:

Frank Lampard Calls His Wife and Dog ‘My Two Bitches’

One if Chelsea’s all time best footballer; Frank Lampard has landed himself in trouble after posting an Instagram Story that referred to his wife, Christine Bleakley, and their dog, Minnie, as “my two bitches”. 

This didn’t go well with a  lot of his followers as someone tweeted this after seeing the story 

“Frank Lampard literally just did this nah man”.

Another tweet from another follower reads;

“I can’t believe he said that. We should organise a protest against WAG jokes,” another person wrote on Instagram. 

“It is true that patriarchy exists,” another added, while a third suggested: 

“Frank Lampard is definitely eating his dinner in the garden tonight”. 

The post has since been deleted.

AU names President Buhari “War Against Corruption” Champion 

African Leaders on Tuesday unanimously endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari to champion the fight against corruption in the African Union. Newsmen report that the endorsement came at the end of the 29th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of AU in Addis Ababa. 

President Buhari is expected to lead the AU summit scheduled for 2018 entitled: “Winning the Fight Against Corruption: Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation.’’ 

Mr Geoffrey Onyeama (Nigeria’s Foreign Minister), at a synopsis of the summit told newsmen that the endorsement was in recognition of the President Buhari administration’s commitment and glowing success in the fight against corruption in Nigeria and across the globe.

Will hypa over throw DANA?

DNA and Hypa are two new duo groups in the Nigerian music industry. They are fashioned in the same fabric as Boybreed or maybe even the big guys Psquare. 

DNA or Hypa, which of these group of boys would I choose if I was sentenced to a lifetime of entertainment from any of the duo? This is one hell of a decision to make, pretty much you’ll have to deal with it for the most part of your sentence.

That means the duos consist of two sets of singing brothers. They are the newcomers who would gracefully takeover from Psquare or go as far as plotting a coup and then overthrow Mr P and Rudeboy to become Nigeria’s new favorite singing duo.

Who gets to replace them lies strongly with Dreams Records duo Hypa and S.M.D’s Blair and Clinton better known as DNA. Why the crown falls between DNA or Hypa is because they group artistes are brothers as well as twins, they would be perfect choice to fill in the void.

Meanwhile, the hyper Hypa group has soul brothers HypaRay and HypaJay as members with birth names Rasheed and Ganiu Ekemode. The rookies were officially signed to Dreams Records last November.

So far the vibrant brothers in no time dropped their debut single “Alert” then an accompanying video was shot by one of Nigeria’s finest cinematographer Unlimited L. A. Thereafter, the boys struck the airwaves again with a follow up single “Asiko” which is currently gaining traction on the social media space.

Looking at both groups it’s more likely that DNA are resting on the oars because they are signed to about the biggest and most structured record label in Nigeria. Clinton and Blair have failed to fully harness what would be an advantage of the Don’s backing. They are yet to forge an identity for themselves at the moment by being proactive.

Performance wise, Hypa is a more delightful bunch to watch than the DNA. Ray and Jay engage and radiate energy right to the audience, saw them at the shrine.

Both groups make good music no doubt but DNA seem to be a few steps behind Hypa.

Ugada’s Government bans tight fitting clothes for female public servants

Public servants in Uganda are facing a strict dress code after the government issued a circular warning them to “dress decently”. 

Female staff have been told not to show any cleavage, wear brightly coloured nails, braids or hair extensions, sleeveless or transparent blouses. Men must wear long-sleeved shirts, jackets and ties, while trousers should not be tight-fitting. Staff failing to comply will be disciplined. 

The guidelines, issued by the Ministry of Public Service apply to all non-uniformed civil servants. But there is a feeling that female staff are the main focus on the new rules. 

While women will be allowed to wear pant-suits, they have been warned not to wear any tight-fitting clothing. Dresses and skirts must at least be knee-length. Uganda is a conservative society and women have previously complained of being harassed if they wear mini-skirts in public. 

The Ministry of Public Service’s director of Human Resources, Adah Muwanga, said they had to act after receiving complaints: “We were approached with complaints that, specifically lady officers, were dressing in an unacceptable manner, with mini-skirts and showing body parts which otherwise generally should be covered in Ugandan society,” she told the BBC. 

The circular further states that accessories should be modest, while long fingernails of more than 3cms (1.5in) with bright or multi-coloured nail polish are also not permitted. 

Flat, open shoes are ruled out, except in cases where one can prove that it is for medical reasons. Men have been told they should keep their hair short and neat, and not wear brightly coloured clothes.

Actress Chika Ike Gains Admission into Havard Business School

Nollywood super star actress Chika Ike is no doubt very happy on her admission into Havard Business School. She took to her Instagram page to share this great news with her followers who also have being sending their good wishes. 

See what wrote below

 I finally got accepted into Harvard business school for my masters. After trying for 5 years and getting rejected..Yes ! The prestigious Ivy League University… Yippee….I’m super excited….The good part is it’s an executive study so I can work ( as an actress, Tv host and CEO ) and school…I started business at age 17 and I’ve been doing this solely on self knowledge and instincts , I think it’s time to horn my business skills  from the mother of all business schools so I can have a sustainable company . …. God is awesome, he has done so much for me , looking at all my achievements so far .His grace has been with me all through. Doors that people said will never open , opened for my sake ….May he give you a blessing that looks like a lie such that people will question your blessings because of its magnitude . May your Enemies be confused and in awe of your blessings . May he give you reasons to smile as you rise in style and in glory .God is no respecter of man and doesn’t care how anyone feels about your blessings. My story so far has truly  been his divine Grace…… one advice …Never ever give up!#harvard #EMBA #africadiva

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